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Modern Mills of Lebanon (MML) was founded in the year 1965 by the joint effort of two families: Boubess & Mansour. Located in the capital Beirut, Modern Mills of Lebanon started with a production capacity of 120 tons/day and easily expanded its market all over Lebanon.

With a maximum capacity of 300 tons/day thanks to its two lines of productions (Bühler & Alapala) and depending on the market needs, Modern Mills of Lebanon produces all types of wheat flour for a wide range of bakery goods, mainly wheat flour type 85 for Lebanese Pita Bread production. We also produce coarse bran for animal feed.

we have one long line (Bühler) that is formed with 8 sizing roller mills specially designed for Lebanese Pita Bread production.
The Lebanese cuisine is suitable for eating bread with king of Lebanese food, so the consumption of wheat flour is ve


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